April 2015

Whoa it’s been long since I’ve written here! But I guess that is cool because this is my space and I do what I want with it. 

To All,

I have had the craziest, life shaping and defining 6 months of my life. In September 2014, I quit my job, I felt bored, drained and not appreciated, let’s say I cut off the chains and decided to let life guide me I to my next path. In October 2014 I joined SINY(read below), this experience led me to a great company in the technology field and I couldn’t be happy with the people, work and career path that the universe led me to.

Professionally I finally feel like I am in the right path, satisfying. Now it’s all about all the other “adult” things, life. Slowly learning to prioritize my interests, find new ones, enjoy me is a challenge I am going to take next. For now I’m super excited to see what happens the next 6 months. I’m excited most to see how much I change, I was thinking of the times when I used to proactively post here, search the Internet for jobs or ways to make a better “blog”, that was a different person than who I am now. Self awareness is here, search, look and you’ll find. 




Startup Institute Of New York – Day 1

October 13th was the beginning of my journey at StartUp Institute.  The day was amazing, met a ton of motivated and inspiring young professionals. I have worked with many groups of people before, I am thrilled to see what everyone in the course morphs into and the accomplishments we will all be able to achieve throughout the course. This is the most diverse and welcoming community I have been part of.  The work environment fostered by Shaun, Lucia and Allison is inclusive, collaborative and open. This is very important. I am coming into this course with not a lot of prior experience on my track therefore it could be a little intimidating to work with those who have an advanced knowledge on their field of study.  Let’s how it all goes.

Learning to work with different kinds of people, personality and interests is very exiting and a skill I am looking to grow. First day was eventful to say the least. Full of surprises and turns. Let’s see how this develops.

Wish me Luck!

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.43.09 AM


Frank by Frank: 24 YEARS ON PLANET EARTH



…And so many things learned and discovered. As a young adult i am well aware that i have a plethora of roads to travel and tons of things to experience. Looking back, i have learned some very valuable things and this being my online diary, i feel like sharing them with you guys, here they are:

Patience: Acquiring this skill is something that i am so adamant about learning that i started to incorporate it in every aspect of my life. There is no success without it, relationships can’t flourish without it and without it personal growth is impossible. The older i get the more i strive to reach a higher level of patience.

Resilience: The basis of all success, it is imperative for one to stay focused and tough during stressful times. Springing back quickly is key to success. I know i am not the best writer however i will keep trying to reach as many people as possible through this blog.

Weirdness: Maybe i am an old soul and/or maybe i am becoming more and more aware of my surroundings however i have always known that i am my own kind of person. i am a weirdo. It is something that i battled with during high school years and even some of my college years but at 24 i am completely capable of acknowledging and embracing how weird i am. Ex: I love Pastrami with poached eggs and a side of avocado, I get uncomfortable at small gatherings, I love team work but also value working alone etc. etc. These things are individual to my make up as human and judging myself for my weird habits would be forcing myself to be stuck in a hole. Embrace being the different shape cookie in the jar.

But most importantly:

I am learning to not feel for those who do not feel for me, to not smile to those who do not smile at me and to not stand for actions that i believe hurt others. I have decided to not be in the company of hypocrisy, cynicism, negativity and those who threaten my inner peace. I also find it difficult to coexist with pretense, dishonesty and cheap praise. The older i get the more i navigate away from those who can not give a word of compliment and show appreciation for the simple things in life: nature, people and animals. I also realize that this point of view can be seen as “arrogant” or “dismissive” but it is simply that i do not wish to spend time with anything that displeases me and explaining this to people has been my biggest struggle throughout life. Learning to not feel like a horrible human when others feel displeased with my decisions has become my goal for 24. No longer held back by the pressure of having to please other people. – F.R.B.

Cigarettes stopped, my journey.


Today marks two weeks since I have stopped smoking 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌. This is a really big accomplishment for me. I have been smoking since I was 17 years old. I blame it on my own stupidity to feel “cool” and “different” from the crowd. However this period of not smoking has tested my character like nothing ever has.

The first three days I felt like I was going C.R.A.Z.Y. My mood fluctuated from happy to sad to impatient to mad to anxious and all over again. I have walked back and forth in my living room pondering if I should get Cigarettes or not. Getting gas has proved to be a hassle. Every single time I die to go Inside the gas station and buy cigarettes.

Quitting has really put things on perspective for me. It really has made me realize that I have an addiction to nicotine. Situations are mind over matter and it is extremely hard to choose mind.

After all I am extremely proud of myself for making it this long without a cigarette, Its a good feeling to finally start conquering this test. Here’s to new beginnings.

Feel free to comment below and let me know about your struggle with any addictions and tips on how to deal with it.



Juicing… As a bro


Ok guys so I got a Nutribullet last Christmas as a gift. I hail from an island therefore growing up drinking coconut water in between games, picking mangos/avocados from the tree and eating them right after was part of everyday life. It is safe to say that during my childhood I was blessed with awesome, natural and healthy food. Therefore I have acquired the taste for vegetables and fruits to the point that eating raw broccoli is like drinking water to me, I know awesome. However I had never juiced ;(

About 8 months ago I started juicing and the benefits are unparalleled. I am a week shy of turning 24 years old and I feel better than I did when I was 20. I juice as soon as I wake up, literally get out of bed and straight to the kitchen to make my morning juice. Here’s a list of all the improvements I have noticed:

1) Improved concentration.
2) Quicker recovery time between workouts.
3) Weight maintenance.
4) Increased Energy.
5) Vitality.
6) Joint pain-GONE!
7) Improved skin.
8) Stronger immune system

Long list short 😂 the benefits are awesome and bros if you feel weird juicing, don’t. It’s healthy and the smart way to get your daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Don’t let others opinions of your actions hurt the benefit they bring to YOU.

P.S.- If you want the recipes to juices let me know I’ll make a post on it. The juice on the picture has the following ingredients:

1) Kale
2) Broccoli
3) Garlic
4) Turmeric
5) Ginger
6) Lemon

Have a blessed day.




Dropping a little inspiration for your morning.  This quote really got to me and it is something that i am determined to work on.  Learning to disarm those that are negative around me.  There are a lot of people in our lives that are unnecessary and drain our determination, positivity and vision.  GET. RID. OF. THOSE. PEOPLE.  They might be a best friend/family member or just an acquaintance, it does not matter. If it does not benefit you, it does not suit you, release it.

Let’s not forget that everyone has played this role on someone elses life.  Sometimes we wonder why a relationship deteriorated and why the other person was so reluctant to let you into their space.  Well this might be a reason why.  You were not compatible with their direction, vision, joy and alignment in life therefore you were released, learn to do the same.



It’s All Small Stuff……….Yes It really is

2013-11-06 07.17.49

Let’s all rejoice and celebrate! There are three months left of 2014 and two weeks until i turn 24!!

This has been an awesome year filled with ups, downs and crazy turns.  In these past nine months i have learned a lot about who i want to be, the person i currently am, the things that i am willing to compromise and those that i just wont.  As “they” say this is all a vital part of growing up, bleh.

I also kept up with my new year resolution of incorporating reading into my life.  The knowledge i have gained from these books has been an invaluable asset to my life and have greatly improved my outlook towards life.  One of my favorite reads so far is “Dont sweat the small stuff…and it’s all small stuff” by Richard Carlson.  It is described, by the author, as simple ways to keep the little things from taking over your life.  This could not be any more accurate.  The book is comprised of 100 one page chapters on how to deal with different tribulations towards life.  I really really recommend (get it here) it.

Most of us are all too caught up thinking about our problems and concerns.  Some of us spend the whole day disconnected from our surroundings, enclosed in our minds pondering over what we could have done better, how unfair a situation was and how low quality of a person one is for not handling something differently.  This train of thought attracts negative people, destructive habits and damages our relationships.  Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed do not forget that you are loved and understood.  That if your best friend, spouse and/child do not understand you, well do not sweat it.  There is someone out there that does, there is YOU!

Trust yourself, learn to trust yourself (This is something i am currently learning how to do).  We are all equipped with a foolproof guidance system to navigate through life, this is called our feelings.  Trust your internal instincts, they may not land you in an ideal situation every time however they do land you closer to who YOU are and to what YOU want.  Remember grass is apparently greener on the other side however the sun always shines and can be seen from any spot on this beautiful earth. Stay Inspired.

P.S.- Sorry for the hiatus 🙂 23

Muchos Abrazos,

Franklin Ramirez

Here’s the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini: A little smaller, a little slower

Not really pleased at compromising performance for size however this is a move towards better phones from Samsung!


Samsung announced a new, smaller version of its Galaxy S5 flagship on Tuesday morning. The Galaxy S5 Mini is similar to Samsung’s previous mini phones: As part of the trade off for a slightly smaller phone, users have to settle for a device that’s a little slower, too.

The Samsung Galaxy Mini has a unspecified quad-core 1.4GHz processor, a 4.5-inch AMOLED screen running at 720p, and 1.5GB of RAM and runs Android(s goog) 4.4 with Samsung’s Touchwiz skin. Those specifications aren’t as advanced as the bigger version’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and 1080p screen.

One of the nicest things about the Galaxy S5 Mini, though, is that it has the full complement of unique hardware elements from the GS5 — its waterproof certification, a heart rate monitor, a fingerprint scanner, the ability to connect to Galaxy Gear smartwatches and a microSD card slot. So most of the Samsung-specific reasons to pick the GS5 are also present…

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