Image        Growing is a word that we are all too familiar with.  We all hear it as were going through life from our elders, we often fantasize and think about who and what well grow to be.  I had a conversation with an older lady while waiting for the D train to get to work. During the conversation she looks at me and says: “you just grow honey, thats what life is about, growing in every aspect that YOU, listen to me, That YOU want to grow, not anyone elses.”  For some odd reason this hit me like a ton of bricks.

So later on at work, bored as hell, i typed “Growing” into google and i got two interesting definitions: 1) (of a living thing) undergo natural development by increasing in size and changing physically; progress to maturity AND 2 )become larger or greater over a period of time; increase. I read both definitions and realized that both describe life for me (and many others) right now.  Do i wanna grow as in getting older by nature, wiser by taking risks or do i want to be greater than what i am right now? become someone that i thought i could never become?.  Ahh the throes of being a young adult -___-.

So i want to challenge you guys to do something, ask yourself how do you want to grow? where do you want to grow and what you want to grow? because at the end of the day it is happening regardless remember time still passes if you act or if you don’t.

p.s.- I know i suck at writing but i know youll get the point.


One thought on “Growing

  1. The thought of growing old is scary and ironic.

    Young adults tend to find the thought of growing older ideal. The reason varying from being able to do more things like drink to attaining more knowledge and becoming that must wiser. This falls under “we want what we can’t have.”

    The ironic part is that after a certain age, one might have established a family, fortune, and higher level of happiness, success, and a peace of mind. However, this individual will be forced to realize that being that much older is one step closer to death. The focus is not necessarily death but the idea that most of the time was spent working to attain those accomplishments and death is closing in to take it all away. This is why you hear may hear a lot of the elderly saying that one of their biggest regrets was not doing what they wanted.

    You will hear these people regret working more than 40+ hours a week, bringing work home, and passing up on opportunities because in the end what was it all for?

    To answer your question, I want to grow by becoming successful. I define success as attaining a high level of happiness, which money is a small fraction of. I want to be able to die old and say, “yea, I lived a great life and my only regrets are those opportunities that I passed on that could’ve created more memories, strengthened relationships, and made me a happier person.”

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