Everyday is a Friday BUT Today is a Monday

2014-02-03 12.26.28 1Oh Monday!

Ughh Monday! Why is it Monday? Fuck it’s Monday again, Ahh no worries is just cause its Monday <—– These are some of the common sayings i hear every Monday from people.  We are all guilty of hating mondays. It is the BEGINNING of a workweek, the weekend is as far as it can be.  It is usually the day to catch up on the leftover work from Thursday or Friday or get new work/assignments.  Monday is Monday and we have all been programmed to hate it!  While watching the Superbowl (Seattle!!) me and my sister’s were having a “deep” discussion about how Mondays are the worst day of the week when all of the sudden my mom she gets up and on her broken english says “EVERYDAY IS A FRIDAY!! so stop complaining and get ready for work tomorrow”.  She is currently reading Joel Osteen’s famous  self improvement book “Everyday is a Friday”. Now i am not a big fan of the guy nor read any of his books but this got to me, something clicked. As a young adult trying to survive and start a respectable business career in the city of dreams, NYC, it is easy to fall into the habits of others.  When i was in college i never hated Mondays, i mean maybe because i lived in the beautiful and protected bliss that college was but i never even paid attention to Mondays let alone the what day of the week was.

Since i started my job almost every single person i speak to has something to say about Monday.  “How was your weekend? Good! ughh its monday” Or when the two o clock slump hits i always hear “Its because its a Monday, i hate Mondays” So after doing some self reflection i have realized that Mondays are not so bad and maybe Joel Osteen is right.

Treat everyday like a Friday.  Get the excitement to go to work, to get work done, to advance and develop your skills everyday.  Instead of blaming unproductiveness and tasks on Monday, smile and enjoy the day. Be thankful for your job, your family, your iPod, your toes, your hands, be thankful for everything you have. Regardless if its a Monday, Wednesday, Sunday or Tuesday at the end (if you think about it) it does not matter, the day will pass and it will come again and again!

Our mentality and thoughts do not change unless we do.  So from now on i will challenge myself to embrace this Monday 02/03/14, to refrain from saying “ughh its monday” and start saying” YESS MONDAY!” beginning of a productive work week!!! I challenge YOU, YOUNG MILLENNIAL to do the same, who knows it might actually help and change some of our self imposed negative thoughts into positive productive ones 🙂


PS.- Excuse my writing i promise, i will work on getting better.


One thought on “Everyday is a Friday BUT Today is a Monday

  1. This is definitely an interesting way of looking at things. It is also very true, approaching the day thinking ‘ugh monday’ will probably make it an ‘ugh monday’. If you approach the day thinking ‘yay monday!’ then it might make the day more productive and exciting.

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