It’s Cold in New York: How to Stay Productive

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 8.21.08 PM


Cold, it is really cold in New York right now, ok it might not be like North Polo cold but it is pretty goddamn cold.  The views and sceneries are great however this winter i have realized that the cold makes me lazy, it gets in the way of my productivity, clouds my thought process and quite frankly i highly dislike it.  Sometimes i think its because i hail from the Caribbean or because i just hate the cold.  

However these past few weeks that has been unbearably cold and i have found some ways that work for me to stay concentrated. On a snow day, like today, i got a lot of things accomplished: 1) made a budget, 2) cleaned my room, 3) called relatives that i had not spoken to in a long time, 4) shoveled my driveway, 5) read two chapters of a book , 6) caught up on my favorite show, 7) wrote a blogpost, 8) will turn all the lights off and relax an hour before i fall to sleep to start tomorrow the right way. Now the whole time i was doing all these things i felt like crawling under my blanket and just sleeping the day off but like most things in Human life, shit is not easy and wasting a day of my 23rd year of life to sleep is not an option.

P.S. drop a comment or give any suggestion/ways to combat winter idleness 🙂

Stay Warm North East.

“Push On, Push On…it will come a time that pushing will become cruising” – F.R.B.


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