Things i am GRATEFUL that VICTORIA taught me


While Being a young, able and working is awesome, it is often times easy to forget where one comes from.  Matter of fact i bet 95% of American friends do not even know nor think about where they come from.  This question is usually thought as one reserved for transplants or foreigners however everyone should really reflect where they come from.  The experiences that shaped us to be who we are, the people that were part of those experiences and how through forming part of our experiences those people have also changed.

On my way to work, my mom came to mind.  She moved to America from the Dominican Republic as a single mother in search of a better life FOR her children.  I mean not even for a better apartment, boyfriend, clothes, clubs and events.  This woman, like millions of others, sacrificed her youth and beauty for her children therefore today i am dedicating this post to my beautiful mother, Victoria

These are things i am grateful that YOU taught me:

1) The importance of Learning

I was instilled a deep appreciation for the act of learning.  Learning in any way, whether it was going to school, learning how to change a tire, learning how to do laundry and what not.  I was always told that one can not be beat if one is more apt to learn.

2) The importance of Education

Education has always been something that is expected of the young members of my family.  Thanks for always instilling in me the love and appreciation for it as well as the understanding that i can accomplish whatever i want but first get that degree…. Now at 23, i understand.

3) The importance of feeling Important

My parent always emphasized how important me and my sister were.  Not just in a loving way, for example when i was 6 and had joined little league, my parent always made sure that i knew that even if i missed the ball i was important for the sole reason that i contributed something to each experience, whether bad or good.

4) Finances

To always be alert of my financial status and to always think 10 years ahead when it comes to money…I wish i would have followed that at 17, i would be rich…. Now at 23, i understand.

5) Death

I always taught that old people were the only ones that died until one of my classmates in second grade passed away in a car accident.  I remember my parent telling me: “that is why there is never enough smiles to fill up a day, smile it might be your last”.

6) Santa

I was left under the illusion of Santa Clause until i was 5, when i woke up and saw my parent putting the gifts by the tree.  Thanks for not lying to me and telling me Santa gave you those gifts, thanks for explaining to me the whole story behind it.

7) How to be a gentleman

I might not ALWAYS be one at every second of the day or with every breath i take but due to my parent’s effort to tech me how to behave properly i have gotten very far in some aspects of my short life.  I mean i can get down in a party and be rude if needed be but few of my peers come close to me in manners and treatments in the gentleman department.

8) To stand by my word

Often times we let others influence us faster and easier than what we should allow others to do so.  I was always taught to stand by my word.  To research and scope out a situation but to follow my intuition on it, if I’m wrong well I’m wrong but if I’m right a whole new door opens.

I could go on all day listing things that i am thankful for.  In conclusion i am thankful that i was awarded such a great parent that had worked and sacrificed their life for mine.  I hope one day i get to love my future children as much as she has loved us.

PS.- This blog thing is good to vent, hope that you all can relate or at least think of where you come from and how grateful you should be that you are where you are right now, at this moment.


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