Forgot my phone, Learned three lessons.

AHHHHH!!, i told myself this morning as my bus to work was taking off and i had realized that I left, LEFT MY PHONE BEHIND.  As you can all imagine i felt mad, sad, lost and preoccupied at the same time.  Did i leave it at home? In/on my car? did i drop it and did not realize? ughh worst feeling possible.  However about 30 mins into my freakout i stopped took a deep breath and realized that it was not that big of a deal, that i could survive without a phone for a day.  So i laugh at myself and take a 30 min nap.

When i usually enter work, i am quiet, concentrated on my phone, either checking the news through twitter or clipboard, planning my next instagram move (lol) or checking emails.  However today was different, i had no distractions so i had to pay attention to the world. I had to listen to the sounds of life that we all deprive ourselves from due to our never ending addiction to electronics.  

Today i was able to listen to the elevator and to notice the new sound on the newly renovated elevators, i was also able to strike conversation with the janitor who actually turns out to be the same nationality as i am and was a trained nurse in the Dominican Republic for FIFTEEN years before having to move to America to provide for his newly born triplets.  This morning i got to appreciate the new painted wall in my office.  This morning i was able to sit in silence in my office, close my eyes and just listen to the sound of quiet before the madness begins, it literally felt like i was meditating without even trying to!!

So today i have learned three important lessons:
1) Smile, relax it will pass

2) DISCONNECT and “smell the roses”, time is not our friend it passes without alerting us.

3) Connect with people not an apparatus.


P.S.- Sorry i have been off this for a while, been busy.  As always feel free to write to me your experiences on being without phone/electronics.



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