So it happened, I got Into a confrontation with my supervisor. But before I tell you the story I have to state that I have been reading the book “how to influence people and win friends” by Dale Carnegie which has proven to be a great addition to my limited knowledge of how to deal with other human beings. Anyways it was Friday afternoon, two hours before I had to go home aka happy hour. It was that time on a Friday in which we all throw our papers
in the air and say fuck this. No one in the office was doing anything when all of the sudden I get an email from my supervisor asking me to come into his office. When I do, I get reprimanded for not finishing, what to me was, an insignificant project by Friday. To my defense i was told that the project was due on March 31st. However he felt the need to remind me my position as a rookie executive. Of course my first reaction was a resounding “excuse me” and then a “NO”. However something popped up In my brain and it was like a slap in the face. All of a sudden I was reminded about the principles I learned from Dale Carnegie:
1) Avoid confrontation,
2) SHUT UP, Let the other person talk, let them speak until they have nothing more to say.
4) Put yourself in their shoes

And that is exactly what I did, after he threatened me with taking me to HR for insubordination (yes, it got to that level), I let him know that I understand where he is coming from and that I apologize if it seemed like I didn’t. Haha you guys should have seen his face. He didn’t know what to say!

Well as I am walking out of the office the go home (happy hr), he. He calls me into his office, apologizes for reacting that way and then explains that he’s been really stressed lately. So there you go never judge someone they might be going through hell. Be calm and never get into an argument with someone let them be wrong, they’ll come back once they realize you’re right.


Disarm them with the best weapon: Listening.

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