Be here now is something I have always believed In. I was a very impatient person I still am (somewhat) but over the years I have learned to deal with that demon and it’s all by following this simple advice my mother always says: BE HERE NOW.

For some of us the past is appealing and most of us would kill to take a little peak into our future. I’ve thought about it and you’ve thought about it. HOWEVER what is life if we keep worrying about things that might happen and things that already did? Nothing!

Don’t waste your time overthinking instead keep on going, develop a passion to learn, help others (best thing one can do while on earth), be patient, enjoy NOW, take risks, travel (cliché), laugh, argue, fail, succeed but do it now. Don’t make the mistake of looking back in the future and hating yourself for not smelling the roses.

Take it a day at a time and most importantly do something everyday to make yourself better. Even if it’s as simple as drinking less soda. Be good, be happy, be positive.




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