It’s All Small Stuff……….Yes It really is

2013-11-06 07.17.49

Let’s all rejoice and celebrate! There are three months left of 2014 and two weeks until i turn 24!!

This has been an awesome year filled with ups, downs and crazy turns.  In these past nine months i have learned a lot about who i want to be, the person i currently am, the things that i am willing to compromise and those that i just wont.  As “they” say this is all a vital part of growing up, bleh.

I also kept up with my new year resolution of incorporating reading into my life.  The knowledge i have gained from these books has been an invaluable asset to my life and have greatly improved my outlook towards life.  One of my favorite reads so far is “Dont sweat the small stuff…and it’s all small stuff” by Richard Carlson.  It is described, by the author, as simple ways to keep the little things from taking over your life.  This could not be any more accurate.  The book is comprised of 100 one page chapters on how to deal with different tribulations towards life.  I really really recommend (get it here) it.

Most of us are all too caught up thinking about our problems and concerns.  Some of us spend the whole day disconnected from our surroundings, enclosed in our minds pondering over what we could have done better, how unfair a situation was and how low quality of a person one is for not handling something differently.  This train of thought attracts negative people, destructive habits and damages our relationships.  Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed do not forget that you are loved and understood.  That if your best friend, spouse and/child do not understand you, well do not sweat it.  There is someone out there that does, there is YOU!

Trust yourself, learn to trust yourself (This is something i am currently learning how to do).  We are all equipped with a foolproof guidance system to navigate through life, this is called our feelings.  Trust your internal instincts, they may not land you in an ideal situation every time however they do land you closer to who YOU are and to what YOU want.  Remember grass is apparently greener on the other side however the sun always shines and can be seen from any spot on this beautiful earth. Stay Inspired.

P.S.- Sorry for the hiatus 🙂 23

Muchos Abrazos,

Franklin Ramirez


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