Frank by Frank: 24 YEARS ON PLANET EARTH



…And so many things learned and discovered. As a young adult i am well aware that i have a plethora of roads to travel and tons of things to experience. Looking back, i have learned some very valuable things and this being my online diary, i feel like sharing them with you guys, here they are:

Patience: Acquiring this skill is something that i am so adamant about learning that i started to incorporate it in every aspect of my life. There is no success without it, relationships can’t flourish without it and without it personal growth is impossible. The older i get the more i strive to reach a higher level of patience.

Resilience: The basis of all success, it is imperative for one to stay focused and tough during stressful times. Springing back quickly is key to success. I know i am not the best writer however i will keep trying to reach as many people as possible through this blog.

Weirdness: Maybe i am an old soul and/or maybe i am becoming more and more aware of my surroundings however i have always known that i am my own kind of person. i am a weirdo. It is something that i battled with during high school years and even some of my college years but at 24 i am completely capable of acknowledging and embracing how weird i am. Ex: I love Pastrami with poached eggs and a side of avocado, I get uncomfortable at small gatherings, I love team work but also value working alone etc. etc. These things are individual to my make up as human and judging myself for my weird habits would be forcing myself to be stuck in a hole. Embrace being the different shape cookie in the jar.

But most importantly:

I am learning to not feel for those who do not feel for me, to not smile to those who do not smile at me and to not stand for actions that i believe hurt others. I have decided to not be in the company of hypocrisy, cynicism, negativity and those who threaten my inner peace. I also find it difficult to coexist with pretense, dishonesty and cheap praise. The older i get the more i navigate away from those who can not give a word of compliment and show appreciation for the simple things in life: nature, people and animals. I also realize that this point of view can be seen as “arrogant” or “dismissive” but it is simply that i do not wish to spend time with anything that displeases me and explaining this to people has been my biggest struggle throughout life. Learning to not feel like a horrible human when others feel displeased with my decisions has become my goal for 24. No longer held back by the pressure of having to please other people. – F.R.B.


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