April 2015

Whoa it’s been long since I’ve written here! But I guess that is cool because this is my space and I do what I want with it. 

To All,

I have had the craziest, life shaping and defining 6 months of my life. In September 2014, I quit my job, I felt bored, drained and not appreciated, let’s say I cut off the chains and decided to let life guide me I to my next path. In October 2014 I joined SINY(read below), this experience led me to a great company in the technology field and I couldn’t be happy with the people, work and career path that the universe led me to.

Professionally I finally feel like I am in the right path, satisfying. Now it’s all about all the other “adult” things, life. Slowly learning to prioritize my interests, find new ones, enjoy me is a challenge I am going to take next. For now I’m super excited to see what happens the next 6 months. I’m excited most to see how much I change, I was thinking of the times when I used to proactively post here, search the Internet for jobs or ways to make a better “blog”, that was a different person than who I am now. Self awareness is here, search, look and you’ll find. 




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