Bilingual and motivated marketing/finance professional.

I have a demonstrated record of initiative, determination, commitment, and proven success in all that I have undertaken in academia and in my personal interactions.

I excel in providing leadership and commitment to any team. One of my greatest strengths lies in adapting to any situation, understanding the final goal of each party involved and, by using critical thinking skills to form unique solutions which will satisfy all involved parties.

Additionally, I am a quick learner who will be able to render critical and sound judgment with little supervision.


I am a super ambitious, go getter, relaxed, mad, sane and lovable person.  I love trying new things and learning from people.

I LOVE FOOD! NO I REALLY DO. Used to be 83 pounds heavier and lost it with determination and dedication.

This blog is an effort to break out of my shell and share my accomplishments, interests, life lessons and knowledge with the world.  Its been a New Year resolution that has been postponed until this year came into fruition.

Buenas Vibras,



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